We believe in the power of science and appreciate its rigorous discipline. That’s what drives our passion for innovation, leading to transformative offerings that support endeavors throughout the nation.

  • Biologics
  • Freeze Drying
  • Ultra Pressure             Homogenization
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Analytical Solutions
  • Process Safety


Biozed is revolutionizing the way biomolecules are developed, manufactured and commercialized. Biozed provides unique single-use technology platform transforming biomanufacturing economics, enabling the development of biotherapeutics and vaccines, and dramatically improving the ability of manufacturerss to deploy manufacturing capacity.

We offer a suite of world-class products and services to support the adoption of its platform. These include the XDR line of single-use bioreactors, PDMax® high-throughput process development and optimization services, and proven GMP manufacturing operated by an experienced CMC team. We also actively seeks creative partnerships to facilitate access to the platform.

Freeze Drying

Biozed provides contract research and development, consultancy services, training and advanced instrumentation to biopharmaceutical and related industries. We have decades of experience in the application of all aspects of freeze drying technology and have successfully processed over 1000 products on behalf of clients, encompassing small drug molecules, large complex biomolecules, living organisms, foods, tissues, and more.

Together with our knowledge of pilot-scale and industrial freeze-dryers we offer a uniquely comprehensive service covering all aspects of freeze-drying from pre-formulation through to full-scale production and dried product analysis. We aim to meet the precise needs of our customer’s projects, and will agree a work program and a budget that is appropriate to the size and stage of your project. We are happy to run a single cycle or individual analysis for our clients, or agree a complete formulation development program with you. Our philosophy is to augment your in-house expertise and work with you to make your project a success.

Ultra Pressure Homogenization

We specialize in advancing the technology of ultra high pressure industrial fluid processing applications.Our mission is to give our customers the tools to create new products faster and produce them more economically than ever before.Reliability and serviceability are the cornerstones of our engineering and manufacturing approaches. We offer a full range of advanced, high performance laboratory & pilot plant instruments for research & development applications in high pressure food processing & bioscience.

Our proven & robust technical solutions have a number of user customisable options allowing our customers to tailor systems to their specific requirements while benefiting from the large number of standard features. In addition to an extensive range of single & multiple vessel systems Stansted also manufacture & supply optical cells, basic pressure vessels, telemetry, pressure generation, control systems, pressure transducers, valves & fittings for user defined requirements.

Mass spectrometry

We share your passion for advancing knowledge. You seek to overcome major challenges that include deepening the understanding of diseases; protecting the food and water supply, and enabling more efficient pharmaceutical discovery and development. We consider ourselves successful when we deliver new and innovative mass spectrometry technologies that support your pursuit, providing a variety of innovative turnkey mass spectrometry systems for academic, pharmaceutical, industrial, clinical and defense purposes.

Consistently and expertly supporting, our turnkey system solutions and complete workflows we offer integrated instrument and software tools which enhance the productivity and capabilities of any analytical operation.Bruker's product lines include technologies such as MALDI-TOF, MALDI-TOF/TOF, ESI, ESI-TOF, ESI-Q-TOF, UHR-TOF, FTMS, ICP-MS, GC/MS, GC and Mobile Detection. All of them can get integrated with HPLC, Fast Chromatography, Nano-LC, Gas Chromatography (GC) and even Capillary Electrophoresis (CE).

Analytical solutions

You face many challenges: To maximize productivity, to improve quality, to control cost, to comply with regulations and to cope with change. How do you cope up? Well our portfolio of market-leading services can help you increase your lab’s productivity and efficiency with a comprehensive suite of services, customized just the way you need them. Our wide range of services, highly trained staff, proven solutions and commitment to your project will help you meet even your most challenging research goals. From custom manufacturing, business consulting and protocol development, to instrument optimization – we draw upon our wide range of premium, high quality products to create a completely customized, scalable, efficient solution for you.

Process Safety

Manufacture, handling and use of dangerous substances and management of pressurised systems have the potential to present major hazards not only to workers but also to members of the public nearby, assets and the environment. Process safety considers how these major hazards should be assessed and controlled Effective process safety management should minimise accidents such as fires and explosions. Given several recent major accidents, process safety is particularly topical. Biozed's process safety activities are defined and co-ordinated by its Process Safety Committee (PSC). This is a group of specialists and practitioners, which, through a programme of activities, aims to help the industries to better understand and implement the principles of process safety to its operations, with a view to further improving its process safety performance.